Sessional space pilot

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NHS Property Services has commenced a project to introduce a new and easier way for customers to book sessional space within our buildings.

What is sessional space?
Sessional space is defined as multi-use, clinical and non-clinical accommodation, available for hire on an hourly or daily basis. This means customers only pay for the space and time they need, ensuring greater flexibility and choice.

Currently sessional space is inconsistently administered across the NHS estate with different processes for booking, pricing, access conditions and service levels making it difficult for our customers to book and plan accordingly.

What is the pilot?
We will be launching an integrated, open, national sessional space model in 2018, which provides users with a streamlined service, greater choice and control.

In the run up to this, we are running a six-month pilot initially in six buildings across four locations – London, Kent (2), Nottingham (2) and Birmingham. The pilot is testing and gathering feedback on pricing, technology and utilisation rates to help us build a national model.

During the pilot, customers will have access to a new, open online booking system which provides a streamlined service to search, book, pay and manage required space.

How will the pilot work?

Read our ‘frequently asked questions‘ to find out more about the how the pilot will work, including booking, payment, current onsite activity and more.

For further queries, please contact us.