At the beginning of every financial year we send you an Annual charging schedule. It forecasts how much you should expect to pay for the year ahead, and when to expect your invoices. You should keep your Annual Charging Summary to hand throughout the year as a handy reference when you receive your invoices.

Depending on your individual agreement with NHS Property Services, your invoices are sent either monthly or quarterly. You will receive three invoices each time: one for rent, one for service charges, and a third for facilities management. Your monthly or quarterly invoices do not contain detailed information or a breakdown of costs, they simply state the total amount due for the billing period they cover. The detail is contained in the Annual Charging Schedule.

Who we send invoices to

When NHS Property Services was created, we collected and consolidated contact information from our predecessors. If you would like your contact details to change you can tell us by sending the details to or calling 0800 085 3015.

It is preferable for the contact information to be a group or business rather than a personal mailbox where possible, to reduce the need for name changes in the future.

How to pay your invoice

You can pay your invoice by BACS or cheque.

What’s in your invoice?

Your Annual Charging Schedule contains a forecast of your total charges for the year ahead. It is split into four sections:

1. Summary of total charges outlines the total costs for rent, facilities management and service charges. It also contains your customer number, cost centre details and who to contact if you have a query.

2. Breakdown of rental charges details your rental charges by quarter. It may also list any supplemental rent relating to capital works carried out by NHS Property Services on your behalf.

3. Breakdown of Facilities Management and Service Charges
This section lists the all-inclusive charge for the services we provide as your supplier of facilities management within your exclusive space. It also details the service charges, which are the charges we pay on your behalf for the building including rates, insurance and utilities. Should you be an occupier in one of our multi-occupied buildings there will also be details of the services that we, as your landlord, provide to the building. These are costs such as the heating, lighting, cleaning and security of the common parts and shared areas.

4. Your billing schedule details when you will receive your bills and what they will total.

Reconciliation at end of the year

The costs outlined in your Annual Charging Schedule are forecasts for the year ahead. At the end of the year, we re-calculate your costs again based on the actual amount of facilities or services you have used and settle the difference with you. This is known as the ‘true-up’ process.

More information

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