£9m upgrade of Crawley Hospital progresses well

by Amy Williams

NHS Property Services is working with partners to coordinate the internal redesign of Crawley Hospital, which includes the construction of two new clinical units.

The project is already underway and includes a £5m redesign of the existing Urgent Care Centre (UCC) within the ground floor of Crawley Hospital and £3m of work to the Sub-Acute Care Ward at the hospital. Crawley CCG has taken the lead commissioner role in delivering these projects in partnership with NHS Property Services, West Sussex Community Solutions and Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.


Clinical Assessment Unit (CAU)

Alasdair White, Head of Construction at NHS Property Services, said: “Work to expand and extend services at the hospital for the benefit of the Crawley population is progressing well. We recognise that the hospital is a vital asset to the local community and are investing over £9m to ensure the provision of safe and quality services for many years to come.

“On top of the major construction work, we’re also undertaking changes to the building infrastructure to align it with current regulations. This expenditure is in addition to the UCC and Sub-Acute funding and will see fire doors upgraded and the overall fire strategy improved.”


Clinical Assessment Unit (CAU)

The UCC will be complete in March 2017 and will be used to treat patients with illness and injuries that are not life threatening, such as minor burns, broken bones, chest infections, nausea, sprains, bites and stings. The centre will also provide a six bed Clinical Assessment Unit (CAU) which is nearing completion and will be ready for patients in January 2017.

The Sub-Acute Ward at Crawley Hospital will accommodate 26 patients and will be created from vacant space on the sixth floor hospital. This part of the refurbishment will also see the installation of a special skylight, which will fill the new ward with natural daylight.