Our policies set out how we operate with our customers and other organisations within the NHS and health system.

Occupier Handbook

The Occupier Handbook is a helpful guide for organisations occupying an NHS Property Services building. This first edition covers how to contact us, approach to charging, occupancy agreements, building management, health and safety and building safety. Read more and download a copy of the Occupier Handbook.

Charging Policy

NHS Property Services, in conjunction with NHS England and the Department of Health, published a refreshed Charging Policy in 2017-18.The Charging Policy provides clarity to NHS Property Services customers on the charges payable for occupation of properties, as well as providing detail about the Vacant Space Handback Scheme. Read more and download a copy of the Charging Policy.


For the NHS, 'Lockdown' refers to a process which is used to control the access/egress and movement of people.  It is used in response to an identified threat or risk which could impact on the safety and security of people, employees, patients and visitors on your site and your capability to continue to deliver services.  If you need to lockdown your buildings, how can NHS Property Services help? Read more and download our 'Lockdown' information sheet.


Legionella is a naturally occurring bacteria which is found in water in the environment and flourishes in conditions where the temperatures are between 25-45 degrees Celsius both in open water and in water systems. The Legionella bacteria is responsible for causing Pontiac Fever and Legionnaires disease in vulnerable people (the elderly and unwell) and that is why it is important for us to maintain the water system in your building to prevent it multiplying and reaching harmful levels, and carry out periodic checks that the maintenance is working to ensure there are no harmful levels of Legionella bacteria. Read more and download our Legionella information sheet.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which was used extensively from the 1920s because of its desirable properties of sound absorption and resistance to heat, electricity and fire. Many buildings built before 2000 have Asbestos Containing Materials as part of the building structure. If these materials are not damaged and remain in good condition then the risk from asbestos is very low and will not affect your health. As part of our duty of care, NHS Property Services is required to undertake asbestos management surveys. Read more and download our Asbestos information sheet.

Further policies will be published on this page when available.