Asset management

The asset management team manages our operational and surplus property portfolio. It delivers estate management services, maximises utilisation of the estate through active management and estate strategies and maximises value through disposal of surplus property and optimisation of retained assets.

Disposal of surplus assets

NHS Property Services leads on the efficient management and disposal of land and assets, aligned with local strategic estates plans. When local commissioners indicate property is no longer required for the delivery of services, we ensure that best value is achieved through the disposal process for reinvestment back in to the NHS.

Disposing of land and assets makes a significant contribution to the NHS by:

  • providing a more cost effective, sustainable estate with lower operating costs
  • generating capital receipts for investment back in to the NHS
  • providing sites for housing, as part of the government’s drive to release unused public land for the creation of new homes

Since our inception, we have:

  • Completed the sale of 203 surplus properties
  • Generated c.£131.1 million of sales receipts for the public purse
  • Delivered almost £10m savings in operating costs from 2013 – 2016
  • Contributed land sales supporting in excess of 2,600 housing units

Visit our disposals page to download our disposals list showing:

  • Freehold and long leasehold properties we have sold;
  • Properties which have been declared by commissioners to be surplus to NHS operational requirements and which we therefore plan to dispose of.

The data on this page is accurate at the time of reporting. It is not a ‘live’ document and is subject to change. Disposals can be added to or from the list subject to change in commissioners’ local plans. Disposals listed as surplus could also be sold over the coming weeks.