Connect is your new online portal to interact with NHS Property Services for a smoother, faster, self-serving customer experience, giving you more time to focus on providing excellent patient care.

Connect has been built with the customer at the heart of the design so you will be able to use it as your one-stop-shop to log all of your non-urgent facilities management jobs, ask questions to our Customer Support Centre and tell us if something has gone wrong. You will also be able to track all of these queries 24/7 online.

Customers will be be invited to create an account throughout the end of March and April. Look out for your invitation email.

Report a non-urgent facilities issue

Raise a query with us

Make a complaint

Information sheet

Get all the information you need about Connect, your new online portal, in this two page guide outlining the features, benefits, future phase plans and some FAQs.

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How do I get access to Connect?

Our Customer Support Centre (CSC) is onboarding customers from the end of March and throughout April.

When it’s your turn to be onboarded, you will receive an email, inviting you to create an account with Connect.

We are taking a phased approach to onboarding customers to ensure each customer gets adequate support, prioritising those that log the most facilities management jobs and CSC queries to make that process smoother and faster for them.

If you would like access sooner than this, please contact our CSC.

Get access

Logging in for the first time

Logging in to Connect for the first time is fairly straightforward but the method by which you do so, depends on if your organsiation uses Microsoft 365. If it does, you can login via your M365 account. If it does not, you will need to log in with your work email address and create a password.

Watch the demo video for more help. 

What are the benefits of Connect?

Connect will improve the way we work together and give you more time to focus on providing excellent patient care.

Quick response: You will receive a reference number for your job, query or complaint, giving you assurance that it’s been received.

Better updates: You will be able to check the status of your job, query or complaint at any time by logging into  Connect, saving you the time of checking up on it or wondering what the latest is.

More personal responses: If your query is related to a specific to a property, it will be directed to the local team who know your area, ensuring you receive a specific response.

Higher quality service: The services you receive from us will improve as we collect more data to identify trends and fix issues at the root cause.

Will there be more features available in the future?

We want to grow Connect's capabilities to provide you with even more information at your fingertips to save you time and allow you to focus on what's important - caring for your patients.

Throughout 2022 and beyond, we will be releasing a number of other features periodically. These will include:

  • Viewing your billing information
  • Accessing compliance reporting on our FM services
  • Downloading occupancy, service and support guides and material.

This is a snapshot only. We will keep you informed about future releases as and when they become available.