Publication Scheme

As well as responding to requests for information, the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act (2000) requires every public authority to publish information proactively under a publication scheme.

The NHS Property Services publication scheme below outlines what we will publish and how it may be accessed.

The types of information we will publish

Much of the information we publish can be found on our Governance page. You can also click on the following links to find information on other parts of the site.

We will not usually publish information which is:

  • Not held by NHS Property Services
  • Exempt from disclosure under the FOI Act
  • In draft form
  • Not easy to access (for example, it is in archive storage)

The NHS Property Services publication scheme follows the format of the Information Commissioner’s model publication scheme.

Please email if you need information from our publication scheme in an alternative format.

You can find out more about how we operate our publication scheme in our FOI policy.

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for in our publication scheme, you can send us a request for information under the FOI Act by clicking here.