Adverts and contracts for suppliers

Register as a supplier on our e-sourcing portal

NHS Property Services requires suppliers to register on our e-sourcing portal in order to express an interest in bidding for goods, works or services. This applies to all procurement activity over £100,000, and for some more complex quotes.

Registering on our e-sourcing portal is free and only takes a few minutes. Once you have logged in, please click ‘PQQs’ and then ‘PQQs Open to All Suppliers’.

To register, visit the e-sourcing portal.

Procurements may also be managed through the e-sourcing Portal. Click here for more information.

Register as a supplier for works using ConstructionLine

NHS Property services uses the online tool ConstructionLine to identify suitable suppliers to deliver on its Capital programme. In order to be considered as a provider, you will need to sign up to ConstructionLine by using your up-to-date business details and paying a sign-up fee.

To sign up as a supplier on ConstructionLine, ConstructionLine click here.

Additional links to tender opportunities

The process for communicating with and inviting suppliers will be done via public advert for procurements over £75,000 and by direct invite for any quotes processes.

In addition to advertising opportunities on this page, many NHS Property Service tenders are also published as Official Journal of the European Community (OJEU) notices.

The OJEU is a publication that publishes tenders from the public sector valued above a certain financial threshold, according to EU legislation. Learn more on the OJEU website.