The FM frontline

Embracing change

by Louise Gosling

By Dennis Markey, Chief Operating Officer

There’s a lot of wisdom in the old adage that ‘the only constant in life is change’. While many may turn away from the upheaval it implies, those who want to stay at the top of their game know it is essential to embrace it.

Look at any successful business and it will have gone through regular evolutions to dominate its niche. Companies like John Lewis, Ford and the BBC didn’t achieve reputational excellence by standing still. The task ahead for NHS Property Services is no different: in order to reach our full potential we must continually seek to raise the bar.

consultation 2To help achieve this, we have recently undergone a process of internal review. The proposed changes will allow us to deliver a better service for our customers, speed up the way we work and drive savings for the NHS.

We have carefully examined the roles of the company’s management team and have proposed a new, more efficient structure which has been put out to consultation with the workforce. Our colleagues have been asked to feed back on the ideas for change and I’m really encouraged by the number and quality of thoughtful responses we’ve received. This has been an unsettling time for many and it’s not easy to be objective at times of consultationupheaval. But our team has stepped up to the plate to offer real insights that will help shape the future of the company. Their engagement has made a real difference to the final management structure and this will carry the company forward.

This is an exciting time for NHS Property Services. We recognise that in order to serve our customers better, we have to change the way we do things, and the level of investment now being committed to this task is evidence of how seriously we are taking this responsibility.

Ian EllisIt is also testament to our efforts to raise the bar, that we have attracted such high calibre people to join us recently. Both Ian Ellis, our new Non Executive Chair and Mike Strong, Non-Executive Director,  will be huge assets to the team.Mike Strong

Change is not easy and we know we have a long way to go towards achieving excellence. But NHS Property Services is an important business with a strong future. We have started a revolution in how property services are provided, and I look forward to seeing it reach its fruition.