A new look Facilities Management Committee

by Louise Gosling

The Facilities Management Committee oversees the progress of all Facilities Management (FM) work at NHS Property Services. In 2016, under the direction of the Chair Chris Kane, the committee will adopt a new style of working with the aim of producing a better FM solution.

Chris Kane

Chris Kane

Mission statement

The new look FM Committee adopts an open, honest approach to its task which is to guide organisational development and obtain assurance that this is being done to standard. Its members are curious and questioning; they are engaged in the interrogation of systems and processes to ensure they are fit to deliver consistently positive outcomes.

Each member is hungry for positive change and is held personally accountable for the performance of their directorate. They listen and learn from their shared experiences, using this common knowledge to guide the business with one vision. They are valued for the ideas and expertise they bring to the table and are enriched by those they take back to their teams.

The quarterly meetings are an opportunity to step away from the day to day running of the company so that ideas can be debated and developed and new and innovative ways of working can be agreed. Areas of weakness are identified and addressed with precision. In this way the FM Committee is a forum focussed on the future and on determining how to achieve a better FM solution. It is engaged in clearing a smooth path for future achievements and enabling the FM division to harness its full potential for the benefit of the company as a whole.

Members of the FM Committee include: Chris Kane (Chair), NED Neil Sachdev, NED Elaine Hewitt (CEO), Dennis Markey (COO), Simon Finley (CFO), Ben Masterson (Shareholder representative)