Published date: 18 December 2020

First Year APC Graduate Testimonials

We asked our graduates in their first year of the graduate scheme about their experience at the NHS Property Services so far.

What advice would you give to graduates applying?

Lucy Rees gives her top three tips to anyone applying to the programme.

"Get to grips with your technical knowledge (...) look at what we do as a business and how this fits into the wider NHS (...) and be yourself!"

What's the recruitment process like?

Rhodri Walters shares his experience of the key stages, from application to the assessment centre day, and how this was adapted to be online during lockdown.

"The recruitment process at NHSPS is a professional one, but also very easy going. The recruitment team do a great job at putting you at ease throughout the process, because we all know it can be quite daunting."

How was starting whilst we're all working remotely?

Daniel Wagstaff shares his experience of the first few months of the programme.

"Although daunting at first, it's been made much easier by the various teams at NHSPS, who have provided me with an amazing induction and made me feel very welcome."

Tell us a bit more about the programme?

Hannah Rodgers explains why she first chose NHS Property Services, and her experience so far.

"The scheme encompasses all the core property functions and allows you to gain experience within departments such as: Property Management, Development, Transactions, Lease Events and Leasing."