FM training targets reached

by Louise Gosling

Nearly 130 people working in Facilities Management have completed the NEC training programme to support the FM procurement process. The company-wide procurement initiative is designed to improve the quality and consistency of the facilities management (FM) contracts for services provided to tenants.

The training provides essential preparation for the mobilisation stage of the FM procurement project which is due to take place from 1 April 2016, equipping teams to ensure the work runs smoothly.

Georgia Hoad

Georgia Hoad

Georgia Hoad, Training and Development Manager at NHS Property Services said: “This is a really great achievement for the FM team. Not only have they completed this training diligently and successfully, but they are now equipped to run these industry recognized contracts across the FM field. It’s a real feather in their cap and a boost for the company as a whole.”

Training experts ran the courses from internal training rooms within NHS Property Services, bringing significant cost savings.

The training courses included:

  • NECv3 — industry recognized, standard project management contracts for FM services
  • SGF20 —  a tool for safety compliance and planned maintenance
  • FM Cleaning Services — guidance and instruction to ensure compliance to industry standards

    Ray Goodier

    Ray Goodier

Ray Goodier, Regional Head of Strategy said: “This is also a great example of partnership working. It’s through our strong links with the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) that we’ve managed to create and deliver this training programme so effectively.”

As part of the company’s commitment to the continued professionalization of the workforce, these courses will be updated and repeated for all FM staff every year.