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Consolidating office space, saving £6 million for the NHS and optimising remaining space for agile working.

St George’s, Merton and Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Groups undertook an evaluation of how the building was being used and discovered much vacant and underutilised space, e.g. some floors were at only 30% capacity. Working with NHS Property Services (NHSPS), negotiations were started to handback underutilised floors to the landlord.

NHSPS served notice on five out of the eight leases and started work on remodelling the remaining two floors. This meant optimising the space for smart/ agile working, a refurbishment project totalling £1 million, all undertaken by NHSPS on behalf of the CCG. 

The CCG has moved into its newly refurbished space on two floors, with the handbacks for the five leases scheduled for June 2019.

In terms of savings, disposing of five leases and consolidating the space will help save £6 million for the NHS over five years.