Published date: 31 January 2021

Refurbishing the reception, clinical rooms, and plantrooms to create a more modern and sustainable facility

Beeston Health Centre, Nottingham


Customers: Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

NHSPS representatives: Martin Salmon, Carole James, Carla Masonbrook.

Project Manager: GRT Nottingham Liftco

M&E Designers: Edmond Shipway LLP

Construction: Beaufort Construction


Beeston Health Centre was in need of refurbishing as well as upgrading a number of maintenance issues.


We oversaw the management of the supply chain to deliver the works. This included obtaining funding, ensuring no extra costs were passed to the tenant, and managing all aspects of the design from inception to completion.

The scope was agreed following a condition survey initially and this was used and costed to set the budget. Further meetings took place with the project manager (GRT Nottingham Liftco)  and the tenant to agree works prior to tender and a phasing plan was agreed so we could manage expectation of amount of work we could do in a given period on the programme with least disruption to clinical services on site.

As work began in June 2020 during the midst of the pandemic, NHSPS and the local Clinical Commissioning Group worked together to agree a safe working method, ensuring the safety of all completing the work and minimising the disruption to clinical services on site.

We funded the £986,000 works which were completed in January 2021.

The completed work included major works in clinical rooms, the reception and plantrooms. New sanitary compliant sinks were installed and floor coverings replaced with vinyl, making the site much more modern, fit for purpose and COVID-compliant.  Lighting upgrades to LED and new boilers and a hot water system were also installed.


The general environment is cleaner and more modern for patients and staff at Beeston Health Centre. Lighting levels are now compliant and clearer, staff have better control of heating wand the building will have a  higher rating on infection prevention with surfaces replaced and can now be cleaned better than before.

The reduction in energy usage is in line with NHSPS’ commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of its estate and will drive bills down for the tenant in the long term too.

“We are thrilled that our tenants at Beeston Health Centre are pleased with upgrade the centre has received. Beeston is a diverse area with varying health needs, and we hope that the changes brought about by this project will provide a more pleasant and appropriate setting in which to receive the already standard of care currently offered at the site.”

Andrew Strange, Regional Partnership Director, NHS Property Services