Published date: 13 January 2021

Resolving GP capacity issues during COVID-19 by recommissioning site

Bishopston Medical Practice, Bristol


Site: 43 Nevil Road, Bishopston in Bristol is a former GP practice which closed in 2019.

Customers: Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (BNSSG CCG), Gloucester Road Medical Centre

NHSPS representatives: Colin Stribling – Senior Property Manager, Dan Cox – Property Manager, Jenny Ganfield – Facilities Services Manager, Paul Wilson – Facilities Coordinator, Will Everson & Anna McComb – Town Planners


Customer feedback

“Huge thanks to the various NHS Property Services colleagues for their drive and expertise in securing the former Bishopston Medical Centre, undertaking the necessary property related compliance/remedial works and obtaining planning consents for the continued use of the Portacabins to enable the site to be utilised at a time when additional provision is so vitally important during the COVID Pandemic. A real asset to the NHS.”

Tim James – Estates Manager, BNSSG CCG

The challenge

Bishopston Medical Practice closed in 2019 as part of a review of local services, where it was declared surplus to healthcare requirements. However, in 2020 a nearby practice who took on much of this patient list required renovation and extension to their own site. This, combined with COVID-19 restrictions, meant additional space was required to be able to maintain service provision to the local community.

The former Bishopston Medical Practice therefore needed to be brought ‘back online’ to provide this space, as soon as possible.

The solution

At the request of the local CCG, NHSPS took an assignment of the lease from the former provider and undertook numerous compliance tasks and minor improvement works to enable the site to be used for both admin and clinical use.

This involved:

  • Various risk assessments (fire and water), gas safety checks, asbestos reinspection.
  • Setting up of utilities, flushing of systems, recommissioning the boiler, pipework repair.
  • Servicing of air conditioning, emergency lights and alarms.
  • Painting and repairing any damage to walls, new door handles, repairs to skirtings.

Our Town Planning team also assisted the CCG with planning advice on the Portacabins on-site, which remained past their permitted duration and required another planning application which was successfully obtained in January 2021.  

The solution

We recommissioned this former medical practice to provide a fit for purpose health centre, handing it over to the occupier in September 2020. This has helped ensure GP services can continue at a sufficient level during the COVID-19 pandemic, and whilst works are undertaken at another site.

This recommissioned space will serve thousands of patients, offering a range of primary care services to the community.

Supporting the NHS during COVID-19

We have recommissioned and reconfigured space across our estate during COVID-19 to provide additional capacity for treatment, testing, and vaccination delivering space for over 1,000 beds.

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