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Refurbishing an at-risk site to deliver a modern healthcare centre

NHS Property Services inherited this site, which had a legacy of underinvestment meaning that it was at risk of becoming un-fit for purpose and in urgent need of a new roof and windows. As the only health facility in a small rural community, it was crucial to bring this health centre back up to modern standards. 

Working with the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), we reviewed various options with the main occupier (a GP), and established that they would like to take the whole of the Health Centre on a lease from NHSPS and then sub-let to the other occupiers (three Foundation Trusts).

NHSPS will now invest £800,000 of its capital scheme budget to completely refurbish the site, reconfiguring it to enable optimum patient care. A design team is now being gathered to discuss and plan the work. This will bring the only health facility in a small rural community back up to a modern standard, and agreeing on a formal lease with provide a sustainable income stream of £44,000 per annum to the NHS.