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When NHS Property Services formed in 2013 to manage 3,000 properties, there were a significant number of legacy contracts with various third party suppliers providing facilities management services.

The imbalanced FM service delivery model between outsourced and self-delivered FM services created services which were overly complex to manage, contractual costs were not adequately controlled, and there was an inconsistent level of quality and compliance across our portfolio. As a result, our customers told us they were not satisfied with the cost and quality of the services we deliver to them.

Our strategy is to deliver our core services to our customers through in-house teams where possible, including cleaning services which is one of our core FM services lines. By insourcing cleaning and developing a robust service assurance model to support, the benefits were recognised as:

  • Deliver improved experience to our customers
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Resilience and compliance

On 1 December 2018, 1692 people from OCS transferred to NHS Property Services. The mobilisation was delivered on time and there were no major issues encountered, and most importantly our customers did not incur any service issues. No complaints have been received from our clients and there has been no negative feedback that would indicate a decline in service standards. Benefits tracking shows that the anticipated savings are being made and these will be reinvested into the NHS health economy.