Published date: 11 March 2021

Identifying and preparing a COVID-19 vaccination hub

Plant Hill Clinic, Manchester


Customers: Manchester Health & Care Commissioning (MHCC)​, Manchester Local Care Organisation​ and Manchester Foundation Trust

NHSPS representatives: Daniel Burdett - Regional Partnership Director, Kathryn McDermott - Senior Facilities Service Manager​, Maria Oakman - Senior Property Manager​, Fiona Powell - Facilities Service Manager​ and Sarah Delaney - Health & Safety Manager

Customer feedback

It’s been a real team effort and we would not have made the progress we have without the people resource, expertise and partnering – your (NHSPS) support is greatly appreciated in all aspects of the planning, operations, working transactions under a significant time pressure.​

Marcus Shaw, Head of Estates, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning


Upon the announcement of the national vaccination roll out, MHCC approached NHSPS to support a total Facilities and Property Management solution for the roll out across the region.

Plant Hill Clinic was a site approved at a late stage of the programme, giving NHSPS teams a week to prepare and mobilise the site in time for the vaccine’s arrival. The site was not yet suitable for the Pfizer vaccine due to the requirement for a 15 minute observation/recovery area.


In six working days NHSPS teams:

  • Assessed the site for feasibility and restrictions
  • Developed solutions for space restrictions and patient flow, agreeing plans with Primary Care Network leads
  • Set up tenancy at will documentation
  • Worked with the Council to secure a car park facility across the road from the property by way of a licence, including safety assessments and jet washing to ensure it is safe for use
  • Implemented traffic management measures
  • Supported the planning and installation of a Marquee style recovery area
  • Erected sheltered canopies, procured and co-ordinated tunnel walkways, and managed the electrical hookup of the marquee to the main building
  • Jet washed all site pathway to negate trips and falls (crucial to consider patient journey at this early stage of vaccinations where many patients were elderly)
  • Supported furniture moves to enable community relocations.


In the space of six working days we were able to deliver a safe and secure vaccination site to support the roll out, with thousands of patients now using the site.

This will provide safe and compliant space for staff and patients alike, and ensure good value is delivered for the NHS. 

This is a result of a system wide collaboration approach, and an excellent example of how we can work with healthcare partners across the region.