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The Child Development Centre scheme in Medway was commissioned by Medway CCG to establish a purpose-built facility for the provision of specialist health services for children and young people with a range of disabilities in the Medway community, through the refurbishment and redevelopment of an existing, disused school.

We funded the purchase of part of the disused Temple Hill School from Medway Council and its refurbishment since it needed significant modification to be suitable for clinical use. The old gym was demolished and the renovation occurred in part of the science block of the old school. We worked closely with Medway CCG, Medway Community Healthcare, Medway Council and Medway Foundation NHS Trust to ensure the new facility suited the needs of children and young people with a range of disabilities in the local community.

The project was completed on schedule with compliments on the standard of work from all stakeholders and services users. The centre has provided modern, spacious clinical facilities, a reception and waiting area, consulting rooms, plaster and weighing rooms, a nursery and soft play and sensory facilities, much to the delight of our customers.