Published date: 17 May 2022

Welcome to Rachael’s Roadshows – the social prescribing virtual road trip!

Our social prescribing programme is something we can all be really proud of at NHSPS. We’re using our buildings to enable community groups up and down the country to provide much needed non-clinical services in their local areas, changing the way people get support for social and wellbeing issues. You can find out more about our social prescribing programme here.

My role is all about engaging with the community groups at our hubs, and working with them to enable excellent patient care.  As part of this, I’m excited to kick of Rachael’s Roadshows, a new video series where I’ll be visiting different social prescribing hubs across England and giving you a glimpse of how they’re getting on. You’ll hear from people working at the hubs and I’ll show you how NHSPS has helped improve and support the services that the community has access to!

Here’s the first episode where I visited EC30 in Tenterden. It was a fabulous day, the sun was shining and I was really impressed with all the activity happening at the hub! EC30 is a great space offering a range of services including adult and child mental health services, domestic abuse, school food larder and financial aid. If you’d like to know more about the hub, you can check out our case study.

If you’d like to follow the journey and stay up to date with upcoming episodes of Rachael’s Roadshows, be sure to follow me on Yammer and LinkedIn (Rachael-Ann Rawsthorne) and follow @NHSProperty on Twitter, Instagram and on our official LinkedIn page.

Watch Episode 1: EC30

How to engage with social prescribing hubs in your area

We've developed a new social prescribing guide to help you learn more about our social prescribing hubs and the services they offer. You can find local services offered by the hubs, including baby banks, nutrition support and mental health support services, as well as information about how to refer patients.

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