Published date: 05 November 2021

A new way to find available space across our estate

We have launched a new way for customers and third parties to find vacant space that is available to let.

This space has been handed back by NHS occupiers and commissioners, after being confirmed surplus to healthcare requirements. NHSPS is then responsible for repurposing the space – via re-letting, selling, or redeveloping it – to reduce void space, put it back to good use, and boost income to reinvest in the NHS.  

Vacant space available to lease is now available on the NHSPS website, by filtering results on the ‘Property Search’ page as per the screenshot below.

This will maximise exposure of our available space and enable a quicker connection between interested parties and our Leasing team. This will help minimise time that space sits vacant and feed income back into the healthcare system.

If you are interested in any of the space available, please get in touch with our appointed national agent Eddisons on or the NHSPS Leasing team directly on

Repurposing vacant space

In our efforts to optimise the NHS estate to deliver excellent patient care, one of our key priorities is to reduce vacant space, saving on running costs and putting space back to good use.

We have established the Vacant Space Handback Scheme to allow customers to release space they no longer need.

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