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How can we work together to better occupy and use the NHS estate?

Improving how we use space within NHS buildings is a crucial driver for lowering property costs, freeing up funds for patient care and reinvesting in the NHS. 

NHS Property Services are here to help NHS organisations maximise use of the spaces they occupy and achieve efficiencies, and with these webinars we will provide an overview of the key programmes and teams offering this expertise. 

Webinar recording: Clinical Commissioning Groups and Trusts

Slides used in the webinar can be accessed here


Webinar recording: GPs and Practice Managers

Slides used in the webinar can be accessed here


 Julie Whetton, Head of Property Management

Julie manages the NHSPS Property Management team, which manages all day to day aspects of our customers’ property occupations across one of Europe’s biggest portfolios (covering over 34 million sqft of clinical and office space). The team consists of eight regional hubs and four national programme teams covering leasing, policy, data management and the Vacant Space Handback Scheme.  



Simon Taylor, Head of Portfolio Optimisation

Simon manages a relatively new team at NHSPS, with a core objective to work with Commissioners and other local stakeholders to develop solutions that encourage more effective delivery of NHS services. This can be done through property consolidation, improved utilisation, enabling disposals, re-purposing the estate to support new models of care and where relevant the “right-sizing” of new developments.