Customer Webinar: Vacant Space Handback Scheme

How can we help you cut the cost of empty space in your buildings?

Although the costs of vacant space in the NHS are kept as low as possible, some costs are unavoidable due to remaining rent, business rates and some service charges. This is costing approximately £10 million a year on the NHS Property Services (NHSPS) estate alone. Therefore, handing the empty space back to NHSPS means Commissioners can avoid some of these costs. 

The Vacant Space Handback Scheme allows Commissioners to pass on the liability of eligible vacant space to NHSPS, which will then use its property expertise to repurpose the space via re-letting, disposal or development. In this way we aim to maximise value for the NHS, with any savings achieved reinvested back into the NHS.

In this webinar our Programme Lead, Leo Grunhut, guides Commissioners through the process of handing back vacant space. We cover who can apply, the eligibility criteria, the application process and alternatives to the scheme. We also take questions at the end of the session. 

Webinar recording 

Slides used in the webinar can be accessed here.


Leo Grunhut, Vacant Space Programme Lead

Leo comes to this project with 10 years of experience in property management within the NHS. In addition to leading this programme he is also part of the London 'hub' Property Management team at NHSPS, which manages all day to day aspects of our customers' property occupations.