Published date: 30 March 2022

Meet our Lease Events Management team

The Lease Event management team are responsible for the proactive management of NHS leases to deliver best value for the NHS.

This NHSPS team actively manage lease renewals, rent reviews, lease exits or break options as opportunities to deliver cost efficiencies and improve occupancies for the NHS.

Across the NHS portfolio, the team manages and executes head lease and sub lease events including renewals, rent reviews, lease terminations and break options, delivering cost savings and maintaining occupancies for the wider NHS.

In FY 2020/21, the team achieved:


reduction in rent via negotiations


saved through leaving unwanted leases


generated from private (non-NHS) occupiers

Measuring our impact

Explore our infographic to learn how the NHSPS Lease Events team is delivering value for the NHS and optimising the estate. 

Download our infographic

Learn more about how the team can support you

If you'd like to learn more about any of the above, or discuss a specific lease event opportunity, please get in touch with the team who are happy to help. 

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