NHS Open Space announces new sites coming soon

Following the launch of 40 new sites in October, NHS Open Space today announces the next batch of properties it will expand to in March 2021.

The service, which offers clinical and meeting space within the NHS on a pay-as-you-go basis, currently spans 500+ rooms across 60 sites. The NHS Open Space community - over 1,000 unique users - spans NHS services, community organisations and businesses, all maximising using NHS space to offer a wider range of services to patients and communities alike.  

The next phase of properties joining in March will mark the start of a rapid expansion across the NHS Property Services portfolio throughout 2021, offering more flexibility and transparency for the NHS estate. 

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NHS Open Space will be expanding to 40 new sites in March 2021, bringing the total sites on the platform to 100.

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Chris King, Principal Strategic Asset Manager at NHS Property Services, is confident that this scheme will continue to expand and improve how NHS space is used. He said: "The potential for NHS Open Space to transform the NHS estate has become ever more apparent during COVID-19, as services seek flexibility and visibility over how space is used. The intuitive booking system means that users only pay for the time and space they need, which could provide much-needed relief on finances for independent and small businesses in the midst of the pandemic. It also makes better use of the NHS estate, driving money back into the health service at a critical time.

I'm delighted to welcome these new sites to NHS Open Space, and am excited to see a steady stream of onboarding throughout 2021."

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