Published date: 26 October 2021

Tip Tuesdays: Booking an NHS Open Space room

How to get the most of using the NHS Open Space online booking system, making finding and booking NHS space a quick and easy process.

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Welcome to our very first Tip Tuesday blog, where we’ll be sharing key tips on how to navigate the NHS Open Space platform. This week, we delve into tips surrounding room booking, that will help you get the most out of the NHS Open Space platform, allowing you to easily manage your account.

Step one: find and select a room

Once you have completed your search, you can quickly add your chosen room to your booking by clicking on the ‘add to booking’ button.


This will keep you on the same screen, but the booking form will now appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

Step two: booking form

On the booking form, you will see different options to help you to complete the booking you want.

  • Start by selecting the chosen service for your booking
  • Select the date of your booking. If you are making a recurring booking, this will be the date your booking recurrence will start on.
  • Select the time or booking slot you would like (depending on room type). It will turn green showing that it has been reserved. If the box is grey, it is unavailable at that time and cannot be booked.
  • If you are making a single booking, select your host. The host is the person who you are booking the room for i.e. the medical professional who will be using the room on the day. If you do not have a host set up, you can add them by clicking on ‘add new host’.
  • Once you have completed all required fields, the ‘add to basket’ button will become available to click, or you can add more rooms to your booking.

Note: your bookings will remain in your basket for 30 minutes before they are removed from the system, and you will need to book again.

Step three: set booking as reoccurring (optional)

If you are making a recurring booking, you will also need to tick the box that says ‘set booking as recurring’. Here you can then set how regular you want your booking to run for.


  • First select if you would like the booking to run daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Set how long you would like the booking to run for by either selecting an end date or set the number of occurrences.

Step four: check and reserve

  • Review all the information regarding you booking.
  • Next click on ‘check and reserve’ to see the availability for each booking and to complete the booking.

Want to learn more?

For a more detail guide on booking rooms on NHS Open Space, please visit our help page.

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