Published date: 20 October 2020

NHS Responds to Changes to Town Planning Policy

The NHS Property Services town planning team leads an NHS-wide joint response to proposed changes to planning policy, promoting NHS interests to offer security and flexibility for its estate.

There have been significant changes to the town planning system over the past few months, and more changes are being considered, which may have a significant impact on the NHS estate. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) published a consultation on ‘Changes to the current planning system’ on 6th October, considering changes to policy covering the standard method of assessing housing need, delivering first homes, supporting small and medium sized developers, and extending the Permission in Principle consent regime.

As the only dedicated professional town planning team in the NHS, the NHS Property Services (NHSPS) town planning team has led a joint NHS response to this consultation, consolidating feedback from NHS England and Improvement and Community Health Partnerships. This response requests that NHS interests are considered and prioritised in proposed changes to policy, offering security and flexibility to the NHS estate as it adapts to ever-increasing pressures.

“Health matters simply must be given greater priority in any town planning reforms if we are to establish and maintain a healthy built environment. Incorporating the needs of the NHS and the implications of any development on the health of the population should therefore form the cornerstone of any reformed town planning system.”

Aahsan Rahman, Department Head – Town Planning, NHS Property Services

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The NHS Property Services town planning team has led an NHS-wide joint response to proposed changes to planning policy.

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This Joint NHS Response is also being prepared for the ‘Consultation on proposals for reform of the planning system in England’ following the publication of the Planning for the Future White Paper, and also builds on previous detailed joint responses to the National Planning Policy Framework (2018) and the Draft new London Plan (2018 and 2019).