Published date: 13 November 2019

Installing an environmentally friendly roof at a health clinic


nitrous oxide particle air pollution




award winner for 'Eco-Active Roofing Award'

The challenge

The roof at Hattersley Clinic was past its lifespan and had begun to leak, causing damage internally and disrupting patient services. Every patient deserves to be seen in a high quality environment and healthcare professionals should be able to focus on delivering excellent patient care. It was clear we needed to find a solution.

The solution

The NHS Property Services construction team initiated, managed and funded the project to fully replace the roof. We are constantly looking for unique and innovative ways to modernise our buildings, so they are safe and sustainable, and provide optimum local value. We therefore used the new and innovative sustainable construction material called Noxite, so the roof replacement not only provides a solution to the leak but also creates environmental benefits.

Noxite reverses nitrous oxide (NOx) particle air pollution to provide a cleaner, healthier environment. The roof uses the sun’s rays to produce a reaction that turns harmful nitrous oxides into harmless nitrates that can be washed off the roof when it rains.

Construction was carried out over ten months and in an impressive feat of project management and construction expertise, the building remained open throughout. Extensive efforts were made to keep the building watertight whilst the roof was installed to minimise disruption for patients and staff.

The impact

The result of the new roof is a depolluting effect where the pollutant is neutralised from the environment. This purifying process is permanent, throughout the life of the waterproofing membrane on the roof.

The new roof has recently won the Eco-Active Roofing Award at the 2019 Intelligent Membrane Association (IMA) Awards. The annual awards, most recently held in September, are billed as a fantastic opportunity
to recognise and reward the expertise, skills and professionalism of IMA members.

“This was an exciting project to be a part of, it’s always rewarding when we can use new technology like this to improve facilities for patients and clinical staff, while making a contribution to environmental sustainability. This is just one part of creating a healthy environment for patients and demonstrates the commitment of NHS Property Services to using innovative and sustainable construction techniques where practical.”

Sally Teague, Senior Construction Manager for NHS Property Services