Published date: 17 November 2022

Health House goes solar, saving the NHS over £60K a year

Health House, Hull


Site: Health House, Hull

Customers: NHS East Riding of Yorkshire (CCG), Humber & North Yorkshire Health Partnership (ICS)

NHSPS Representative: Elaine Hall, Minor Works Manager (North-East & Yorkshire)

Partner: Energy Efficient Solutions Group

Consultant: Gleeds


The steep increase in energy prices has been a worry for many. That is why NHSPS is increasingly looking into ways of producing our own energy. By generating energy at our sites, we are less dependent on the energy supply from the National Grid, the company managing the network and distribution of electricity and gas in the UK. This means that we can offer electricity to our customers at a lower price.

The other challenge is making sure we will reach net zero carbon by 2040. While this may seem like a long way off, we need to take action now to bring the long-term to the present.


We installed a solar PV array at Health House Hull with the help of Energy Efficient Solutions Group. The array was placed on the south-facing roof elevation and consists of 41 monocrystalline solar panels, a high-performance inverter, and a monitoring platform. These solar panels are a clean, renewable power source with an operational life of over 25 years.

The team also installed a display in the reception area to show live generation data from the solar PV array. This helps increase awareness and visibility around energy consumption.

The disruption from installing solar panels was minimal. This meant that our customers could continue to deliver care to patients. Elaine Hall, Northeast and Yorkshire Minor Works Manager, made sure that it was implemented without any delay or interruption.


With a warrantied life of 20 years, the solar PV system will generate over 300MWh of clean, renewable energy and save the site over £60k in electricity costs. The installation will also result in 3.71 tonnes of carbon savings each year, the equivalent of planting 170 trees.

The project has set an example for other sites, with a further 45 NHSPS sites already identified to benefit from installing a solar array.

‘’The project from inception to completion worked seamlessly and the collaboration between all parties who were of the same mindset worked well toward successful completion. The scheme has helped us progress on our ‘green journey’ in the building both now and in the years to come. It has also provided a specification for other buildings across the country to follow.’’

Elaine Hall, Minor Works Manager (North-East & Yorkshire)

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