Published date: 03 October 2022

Customer Service Centre has launched one number

NHSPS has launched one customer number for all queries, facilities issues and complaints. From 3 October, customers will only need one number – 0808 196 2045.

NHS Property Services has merged the Customer Support Centre and FM Helpdesk to create one Customer Service Centre after feedback from customers revealed they wanted a single front door into the company.

As a result, customers now only need to know one number, 0808 196 2045, to contact NHSPS about any issue. They'll also benefit from a more consistent and improved service. The result will be more time for customers to deliver excellent patient care.

Rachel Moore, Head of Customer Service Operations, said: “The change follows the introduction of Connect in March, our self-serving portal for customers to log non-urgent maintenance issues, track queries and raise complaints. More features will be available soon, including information about customers’ occupancies and facilities management compliance reporting.

Our team has worked hard to form a single helpdesk and we’re fully committed to providing the best support through the Customer Service Centre.”

Reporting facilities management issues

Urgent issues: Customers should use the 0808 196 2045 phoneline to report urgent facilities issues that are impacting their  ability to provide patient care, such as when there’s no water in the building or severe leaks, power failures, no heating, or a smell of gas. 

Non-urgent issues: These should be reported through Connect. This helps keep phone lines open for the emergency incidents that need immediate action.  

Request a Connect login by contacting 

Find out more about Connect

Visit our Connect webpage for more information about Connect, including the onboarding plan, benefits and features.

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