Published date: 24 November 2021

Increase in UK threat level

Last week the UK National Threat Level has been raised from substantial to severe.

This follows two confirmed terrorism incidents over the last month, one of which took place outside Liverpool’s Women’s Hospital on Sunday 14th November.

We have asked our colleagues to familiarise themselves with our Major Incident Management process and to complete a security checklist for each site we are responsible for.

Whilst NHS Property Services seek to provide a safe and secure environment for all, it is the responsibility of occupiers and their staff to take all reasonable measures to ensure that their demise is kept safe for their staff and service users.

Please review our Occupier Handbook which details your responsibilities for security arrangements within your demised areas.

Should customers wish to review staffing levels or security arrangements at their property, or if they want an increase in security provision, we're asking them to please contact their local facilities manager.

Occupier Handbook

If you're wondering what your security responsibilities are for your NHS Property Services building, read page 25 of the Occupier Handbook - there is a whole section on building safety.

Read the handbook

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In the meantime, please contact the Customer Support Centre or your local Facilities Service Manager if you have any questions.

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