Property change notice: ensuring your estate information is up to date

We have introduced a simple process – endorsed by the Department of Health – which enables you to inform us of any changes to your occupancy. This includes if you plan to vacate, reduce, swap or increase the space you use.

Holding accurate data about the property you occupy is one of NHS Property Services’ key operational priorities. Data drives the accuracy of our billing, leases and overall view of our customers and therefore is crucial to ensuring we can offer you the best service.

Up to date and correct property data also allows us to provide strategic advice which creates better occupation through lower operating costs and fit for purpose space.

To make this happen, we now require you to inform us of changes to your occupancy and describe how you can do so below.

Investing in data

Over the past year, NHS Property Services has invested in a major data exercise across our estate. As part of this work, we have inspected over 3500 properties and introduced new, industry standard systems to manage more in-depth information about the property you occupy. Having completed this exercise, we now must keep our data current in order to continue to see improvements to our service.

If you do not have an existing formal tenancy agreement with us, from 1st March 2017 you will need to use the online Property Change Notice form to tell us of occupancy changes, giving us three months’ notice.

Download the Property Change Notice form and send to

Property Change Notice