The service charge and facilities management charges outlined in your Annual Charging Schedule (ACS) are forecasts for the year ahead.

At the end of the financial year, NHS Property Services (NHSPS) will compare the estimated costs outlined in the ACS against the actual costs of the facilities or services provided at your property.

This is known as the true-up or year-end reconciliation process, an industry standard practice that enables the calculation of any balancing charges required and provides cost transparency.

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What's different for 2019/20 true-up?

Following customer feedback, we’ve made some changes to the way that our true-up statement for 2019/20 is displayed.

This is to enable easier reconciliation against your Annual Charging Schedule (ACS) and to provide greater transparency around the management fees that are charged on facilities management (FM) services.

To help provide a clearer explanation of the final bill or credit due at the end of the financial year, your true-up statements going forward will show the actual annual expenditure alongside what was forecast in your 2019/20 ACS for each cost line. It will also show if any additional sum is payable or credit is due for each cost line.

In addition, where previously each individual FM service cost line already included the management fee, your true-up statements will now show the management fee separately to each line item. The overall amount payable will not change.

For this year, to ensure the statement correctly details expenditure against budget amount and to align with the new way of presenting management fees separately, we have removed the management fee from the individual cost lines and highlighted it separately. This will look different from your 2019/20 ACS document however the total will be the same.


Rates reconciliation

We have not reconciled your annual rates charges alongside your FM charges and service charges in the 2019/20 true-up as this has been reconciled separately. 

Management fees

Management fees are charged at a rate of 10% on our services in order to cover the administration and arrangement costs of providing the service. 

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