Our Communication Standards

Responding to customers and tenants in a professional, timely and constructive way

Everyone who works for NHS Property Services has a responsibility to provide a professional service at all times. Our reputation is based on what we all say, and more importantly, what we do and how we act.

These standards are important as they set out what our customers and tenants can expect when they deal with NHS Property Services.

We will adopt the very best practice in how we manage relationships and these standards set out what we expect our people to work towards when engaging and communicating with customers, tenants and professionals in other organisations.

  • We are committed as a company to providing excellent service.
  • We will seek solutions for our customers.
  • We will always respond to customers in an efficient, considerate and constructive manner.
  • We will provide honest, objective responses to customers addressing the issues they raise.
  • We will provide a professional service at all times and make every effort to deal effectively with customer issues.
  • We will regularly seek customer feedback and continuously strive to improve the way we work.
  • When people contact us – by phone, email, letter or social media – and whatever they contact us about, we will respond promptly using these standards as a guide.

One of our receptionistsBy telephone

When people call NHS Property Services, whether on our central enquiries number (0800 0853015) or by calling individuals:

  • We aim to respond to their enquiry there and then.
  • If we can’t answer their question straight away we will make sure they know when to expect a response, which will be within 24 hours.
  • We will check and respond to voicemails within 24 hours.

By letter

  • We will acknowledge receipt within two working days and reply in full within 10 working days.
  • If it might take a little longer, we will let customers know when to expect a full reply.

By email

  • We will reply to emails within 48 hours or sooner if possible.
  • It is important that customers can contact the right people in our company. When we are away it is helpful that we inform them about who to contact in our absence. Automatic out of office messages are a helpful business requirement when we have extended absence such as annual leave, but they are not intended for when we are temporarily unavailable in meetings or away from our desks. In these instances, e-mails need to be responded to in the normal way.

By social media

Social media (such as Twitter) is one way we communicate with customers, partners and the public. If people contact us via social media the company will respond the same day.

Freedom of Information

If correspondence includes a request for information under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, the company will reply within the statutory 20 working days. This will be co-ordinated by the Public Affairs
team via customer.service@property.nhs.uk

Meeting customers, tenants and other partners

It is important that we regularly meet and listen to customers and tenants.

The company’s Customer Board, which includes a range of customers, meets quarterly. We have also started to seek the views of customers and tenants through regular surveys to make sure we are meeting their needs.

When meeting organisations, it is good professional practice to follow up with a note to confirm what was agreed.

What happens when things go wrong?

We will provide the best service possible at all times.

Occasionally things do go wrong. When this happens we will do our best to put them right. If customers are unhappy with our services or our facilities, we encourage them to contact the company.

All complaints are handled by a senior manager who is responsible for the service in question. They will look into any concerns raised and let customers know what we are doing to resolve the issue and apologise if we have done something wrong.

We will always aim to respond to complaints in full within 20 working days. If we think it will take longer, we will let customers know and keep them informed. If a customer is not happy with the initial response from us, we will review how the complaint was handled, and an executive director of the company will write to the customer within a further 20 working days.

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