To ensure the NHS estate is as efficient as possible, sometimes we need to dispose of properties. This can be the case if a property is underused, is no longer needed or if the way services are provided needs to evolve.

Reinvestment and cost savings are vital to help health services improve, as pressure on the NHS increases. All receipts are reinvested in the estate, to create new state-of-the-art facilities or optimise existing properties. Parts of the NHS estate have been empty for many years and disposing of unwanted assets can lead to significant savings of taxpayers' money.

The decision on whether a property is surplus to requirements is made by the health commissioners and clinicians who use the property, such as NHS England or a clinical commissioning group. Once the decision has been made by the customer, NHS Property Services will act to dispose of the property.

Our disposal process is both open and transparent; we aim to sell properties for best value, to generate the vital capital the NHS needs. Properties are first listed on the Property Information Mapping Service (ePIMS) website, which allows other public-sector bodies to purchase it. As well as generating the vital capital the NHS needs, we are supporting government targets on releasing public land for housing.

The focus of NHS Property Services is on providing an excellent service to the NHS - we reinvest based on priorities across the country.