Public drop-in event showcases plans for former Westbury Hospital

Members of NHS Property Services staff at the drop-in event in Westbury.

Members of NHS Property Services staff at the drop-in event in Westbury.

by Alex Cameron

People in Westbury have shared their views on draft plans for the town’s former hospital.

They were welcomed to an information drop-in event held at the Laverton in Westbury on February 11.

NHS Property Services is intending to seek outline planning permission for about 70 homes at the vacant hospital site, which ceased operation in April 2012 and has been declared surplus to NHS requirements by healthcare commissioners.

Westbury Hospital photo

The disused Westbury Hospital.

After the event, a spokesperson for NHS Property Services said: “It was a constructive meeting and we welcome the range of views on the draft proposals.

“We will work with local authorities on planning issues, including access, while finalising an application for outline planning permission.

“As owners of this vacant site, which takes valuable NHS funds to maintain, our role is to ensure best value for the taxpayer and the NHS.

“Any concerns about the provision of healthcare facilities or services in the area need to be directed to Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

“We have updated information about the proposals on this website and will continue to work with local partners on this project to deliver the best future use of this site.”

The former Westbury Hospital transferred to the ownership of NHS Property Services following the NHS reforms in April 2013.

The former hospital site comprises a mix of original 1930s buildings and newer 1970/1980s buildings. The vacant buildings are now in a poor and deteriorating condition.

It is NHS Property Services’ intention to market the site to a developer with the benefit of outline planning permission for new homes. It would be for the eventual developer of the housing to apply for full planning permission for their specific scheme.

For more information on the proposals, click here.