We provide a comprehensive range of facilities management to maintain the internal and external, engineering and fabric assets of our buildings, ensuring that they are compliant, fit for purpose and provide a safe environment for our customers, patients, visitors and colleagues.

We utilise our teams' extensive experience to deliver engineering and fabric maintenance through a mixture of internal colleagues and external service partners throughout our 3000 properties. Some examples of the engineering and fabric assets and systems that we maintain include:

Life safety systems: Fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire doors and completing fire risk assessments

Mechanical systems: Air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, sewage systems and heating systems

Fabric assets: Furniture, fixtures, fittings, roofs, gutters, fences, cladding and roads

Water systems: Hot water services, cold water services and completing water hygiene risk assessments

Electrical systems: Emergency systems in case of a power loss to the building, portable appliance testing and internal and external lighting

Lifts and access systems: Passenger, goods, stair and access platform lifts

Energy assets and systems: Solar panels and combined heat and power units (CHPs)

Communication and security control systems: CCTV systems and access control systems

Building control systems: Building management systems which monitor assets and systems within our buildings

Specialist health systems and assets: Medical gas systems, dental compressors and critical air supplies

We regularly maintain these assets and systems in many ways including surveys, inspections and replacement. Find out more.