NHS Property Services purchases goods and supplies, works and services from a wide range of suppliers and services providers. We award contracts to those who meet our requirements and standards, with contracts ranging from small one-off purchases to long-term, multi-year million pound service contracts.

How we buy

Our procedures for offering work or buying products vary depending on the type of product, service or works we are purchasing, as well as its value.

Our procurement processes by type/area of purchase

Goods - We undertake smaller one-off purchases for low value items using payment cards.  However, the bulk of our general supplies are purchased through pre-tendered corporate contracts set up in the form of framework agreements and catalogues.

Services – Our main contracts are exposed to competition in line with public procurement regulations and internal SFI thresholds.

Works – Our Capital programme is delivered using Construction Line for the selection of suitable providers. All capital works are procured in line with NHS Property Services SFI’s and Public Contracts Regulations.

Our procurement processes by value of goods, service or works

We use the most appropriate procurement process for the provision in line with our Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs) and The Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Our SFIs set out the following thresholds for all purchasing and procurement activity:

  • £10,001 to £100,000 – a minimum of three written quotes are required
  • £100,001 and above – tender process should be followed

OJEU threshold limits will be applied in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Vendor management

Once a contract is signed, the work doesn’t stop there. We take great pride in building positive relationships with our suppliers. Our vendor management team work closely with suppliers to ensure a consistently high quality of service is provided.