As part of our on-going innovative approach we will embrace and incorporate new technology to reduce cost and improve our service within our buildings.

Predictive maintenance

Utilising non-intrusive testing and inspection techniques including vibration analysis, partial discharge testing, ultrasonic testing, thermal imaging and tribology, so that asset downtime is reduced, with an asset being maintained when required rather than as part of a time bound maintenance regime.

Cause and effect analysis

Identifying trends and reasons for asset failure to reduce the chance of the failure happening again.

Internet of things (IoT)

Utilising intelligent sensors within our buildings to identify faults so they can be rectified without affecting our customers core business.

Building information modelling (BIM)

Utilising the digital description of assets and systems within the building information models to enhance the data that we hold on our buildings.

Critical environment management

Identifying our critical buildings and tailoring our technical services offering to enhance the customer experience and increase resilience through dedicated processes and systems focusing on people, process and technology.

Energy management

Identifying innovative ways to reduce energy consumption within our buildings.