We manage customers' waste requirements by providing services to ensure that waste is segregated, collected, and disposed of in a legal and environmentally friendly manner.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our environmental impact is kept to a minimal, as well as reducing costs for the NHS. All waste streams managed are audited as required and are issued with the appropriate legal waste documentation. 95% of our general waste gest diverted from landfill.  This is either recycled or sent for heat recovery.

How can you help us reduce waste?

  • Ensure that colleagues and those around you dispose of waste in the correct waste receptacle.
  • Raise any issues around incorrect waste segregation.
  • Help introduce recycling at your property.
  • Do not use single use items such as water bottles, coffee cups and plastic bags.

Waste segregation guidance

We've put together some guidance to help you separate waste at your site appropriately. The guidance will help you understand what type of non-clinical waste should go into the different recycling bins and what type of clinical waste should go into the different colours of containers and bags. Please download the guidance and put them up next to your containers.

COVID-19 related waste

You can find NHS England's guidance on how to dispose of COVID-19 related waste, including face masks, here.