NHS Open Space

NHS Property Services is developing a digital platform through which users can book space on an hourly or sessional basis.  These may be single bookings or recurring for up to 18 months.

What is sessional space?

Sessional space is multi-use, clinical and non-clinical rooms, available to book by the hour or in hourly multiples.  Customers only pay for the time and space required giving greater flexibility and choice.

Each property with sessional space operates a different process for booking, pricing, accessibility and facilities service levels making it difficult for customers to book and plan with any consistency.

What is NHS Open Space?

Well underway is the development of NHS Open Space, an integrated,  national sessional space model offering  a streamlined service, greater choice putting users in control of their bookings.   A pilot has been running since April 2017 to best shape the model.

The pilot

In six properties across four locations, the pilot has provided a test environment and feedback on pricing, technology and utilisation.   In October 2017 another 14 sites were added and customers across all 19 sites are booking and managing rooms through an initial online platform.

How does it work

Read our ‘frequently asked questions‘ to find out more about NHS Open Space, the pilot, launch20 and the future.