Bassetts Campus, Bromley

A birds-eye view of the Bassetts Campus

A birds-eye view of the Bassetts Campus

Bassetts Campus is a former residential facility for people with learning disabilities, located in the London Borough of Bromley.

In June 2015 NHS Property Services announced that it had completed the sale of this site to housing developer London Square. It is now for the purchasers to take forward plans for redeveloping the site and this web page is closed for any further updates.

You can read more about the successful sale of Bassetts Campus here.


The site formerly housed residential accommodation for people with learning disabilities. However, services had gradually moved to other locations and the site had been empty since November 2013.

NHS Property Services is mandated to secure best value for the NHS, the taxpayer and the local community from the sale or redevelopment of any surplus land and property.

Preparing the site for sale

We were proposing to market the site to developers with the benefit of outline planning permission for approximately 100 new homes, to maximise its value. All money raised from the sale will be reinvested into the health estate.

exhibition people pic

Around 100 residents attended our public exhibition on 22 October, 2014, at Orpington Village Hall

Applying for outline planning permission allowed us to work with residents to set some initial parameters for the development, such as the height of buildings and provision for car parking. We wrote to the 200 households closest to the site, as well as issuing leaflets to a further 6,000 homes and working with the local newspaper to run an article about the plans. A drop-in session at the village hall was attended by nearly 100 local residents to discuss the proposals and give their feedback.

Below, you can read the full details of our application, which was submitted to the London Borough of Bromley in late 2014.

Locally-listed Bassetts House will be returned to its former use as a residential property.

Bassetts House, a locally listed building at the heart of the site


As well as up to 100 new homes, the initial outline plans included:

  • Conversion of the locally-important Bassetts House into residential flats
  • Retention of a number of important trees
  • Clearance of a large pond to create an improved habitat for wildlife.

The site was purchased while the planning process was under way, so it is now for the new owners of Bassetts Campus to take forward the planning work and seek approval from the Council for a detailed scheme of their own design.

Engaging with local people

  • Leaflet distributed to 6,000 households in Bromley
  • Letter to the 200 homes located closest to the site
  • Information boards presented by our architects at the drop-in session (please note large file size, 7mb)
  • Link to news article in the Bromley News Shopper