Procurement processes

NHS Property Services will use the most appropriate procurement process for the provision in line with our Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs) and The Public Contracts Regulations 2006.

Our SFIs set out the following thresholds for all purchasing and procurement activity

  • £5,001 to £100,000 – a minimum of 3 written quotes are required
  • £100,001 and above – tender process should be followed

OJEU threshold limits in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 will be applied.

Procurements will be managed through the e-sourcing Portal. Click here for more information

Processes will include:

Quotes process

All works will utilise ConstructionLine to identify suitable suppliers. It is easy for suppliers to register on ConstructionLine click here for more information.

Open tendering

Open tendering is a one-stage bidding process, where all interested service providers responding to an advertisement will be invited to submit a tender.

The advertisement will state where interested parties may obtain tender documents and the last date when tenders will be accepted.

Restricted tendering

This is a two-stage bidding process in which potential contractors expressing an interest in bidding are evaluated first through a pre-qualification process. Then a shortlist is drawn up from the evaluation exercise for the sole purpose of inviting bids. The public notice will give details on what information must be submitted by the supplier or how to receive the necessary documentation to be able to express an interest in being short listed.

Other processes such as the Negotiated Procedure or Competitive Dialogue Procedure may be considered where appropriate for the service.

Framework agreements

Framework agreements follow tendering process and can consist of single supplier or multiple suppliers.


NHS Property Services Ltd will use ConstructionLine which comprises of pre-vetted companies in order to undertake either quotes or tender processes.

Evaluation of tender

In order to preserve the integrity of the competitive process, it is imperative that the evaluation of proposals is undertaken objectively, consistently and without bias towards particular suppliers.

NHS Property Services will award the contract to the supplier it considers will offer the best value for money. For this reason, our main evaluation criterion will be the “most economically advantageous tender” (MEAT) as determined by the criteria set out in the tender documents.

The award criteria will vary depending on the type of contract. Examples of award criteria, in addition to price, are experience, technical merit, financial viability, flexibility to future changes to our requirements, speed of project delivery, sustainability, quality, equalities etc.

We are currently developing a Procurement Strategy.