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In our efforts to optimise the NHS estate to deliver excellent patient care, one of our key priorities is to reduce vacant space, saving on running costs and putting space back to good use. We have established the Vacant Space Handback Scheme to allow customers to release space they no longer need.

Once handed back, we remove the burden of running costs such as rent, business rates and service charges from customers, freeing up funds for patient care. As well as saving money for customers, this approach opens the space up for alternative use, and we use our property expertise to reimagine and repurpose the space through re-letting, disposal or development.

Since the programme’s launch in September 2017, there has been:

137 properties handed back


properties handed back

£18.3m saved in running costs for the NHS


saved in running costs for the NHS

£14.5m generated for the NHS by selling surplus land


generated for the NHS by selling surplus land

Does your vacant space qualify?

To learn more about the programme, read our brochure or watch a webinar recording from our Programme Lead. More information can also be found in our Charging Policy.

If you are unsure whether your space qualifies for the scheme, or are having any issues with the below form, please speak to the Vacant Space team by contacting: vacantspace@property.nhs.uk

Learn more about the programme
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Property Vacation Notice

Applicant details
NHSPS project owner details (If NHSPS Lead Proposal)
Property where space is being proposed for hand back
Property details
Is the space offered for hand back the whole or part of the building? *

Is the space offered for hand back now or previously occupied by the commissioner/CSU? *

Is the space being offered for hand back still in use / occupied? *

Do you confirm that the space is surplus to the NHS’ requirements and that it is permanently no longer required for all future commissioning requirements whether for commissioner direct use or for the provision of health services and further confirm that the information contained in this application is complete and accurate in all material respects and that all necessary prior assurance and approvals have been completed/obtained in accordance with applicable governance arrangements. *

FOR CCGs PVNs: SIGNED BY: Accountable Officer and the Chief Financial Officer. COPIED TO: Director of Finance of Local NHS England Direct Commissioning Organisations (DCOs), or in the London Region, to the Financial Assurance Team. NHSE PVNs: SIGNED BY: Director of Finance of the local NHS England DCO or Regional Team (as the context may require). COPIED TO: If a DCO PVN, be copied to the NHS England Regional Director of Finance, or if in the London Region, the Financial Assurance Team. CSU PVNs: SIGNED BY: CSU Managing Director. COPIED TO: NHS England CSU Transition Team

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