Download your social prescribing toolkit

Our new social prescribing toolkit has nine helpful guides and templates to help you promote, establish and grow a hub and its services.

We're here to support you through every step of the way. The toolkit includes an eight step guide on setting up a new social prescribing site, letter templates to help ask for donations, social media guidance to help promote your hub, and much more.  

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Redesigned Annual Reconciliation Report

We’ve redesigned the Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR) and made it simpler, more consistent, and easier to understand.

Your Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR) shows how the actual costs of facilities and services at your property compare to the estimated costs in the Annual Budget Schedule (ABS) that you received.  

You will receive your new ARR from mid-May to late July 2024.

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Northwood and Pinner Cottage Hospital set to be redeveloped

We will be refurbishing the hospital to allow two GP practices to move in alongside new mental health services.

Approximately £11 million will be allocated towards this refurbishment project that will improve health outcomes for over 20,000 patients in Hillingdon. 

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