Increase in UK threat level

The UK National Threat Level has been raised from substantial to severe. This follows two confirmed terrorism incidents over the last month, one of which took place outside Liverpool’s Women’s Hospital on Sunday 14th November.

We have asked our colleagues to familiarise themselves with our Major Incident Management process and to complete a security checklist for each site we are responsible for.

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Delivering transformational projects for the NHS estate

We are expanding our Healthy Places programme to over 300 projects which will transform the NHS estate nationwide, support Integrated Care Systems, and enable excellent patient care.

Learn more about the programme and the impact the projects are having on our NHS colleagues, patients and wider communities. 

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Your guide to building a business case

What is a business case, and how can we help NHS organisations build successful cases to unlock new funding and support?

A business case will often be required for a significant change to the NHS estate, be it clinical or other space, such as a new build, refurbishment, extension, or relocation of services.

In this new guide, we outline the key steps and considerations behind building a successful business case, from setting the strategy, to determining the affordability, to exploring impact on management.

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