Facilities Management Helpdesk

We have a dedicated Facilities Management Helpdesk which offers 24/7, 365 days per year support. Due to the current pandemic, we are only processing emergency and urgent FM issues that are impacting your building and ability to deliver patient care.

Changes to logging facilities management issues from 5 January 2021

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, in order to maintain our capacity for essential work and to minimise unnecessary travel and contact for our colleagues, customers and patients, we are prioritising emergency and urgent FM jobs only. By doing this we can ensure that we have the ability to focus our efforts where they are really needed.

We ask that during this time our customers help us to prioritise by only logging jobs that help you to continue to deliver vital patient care. To report such issues, call 0808 196 2045.

Generally, these jobs can be described as:

Emergency: The issue is preventing core services from being delivered at your site and/or presents an immediate risk to people/safety/security/ structure. If not attended to immediately will endanger the health and safety of people, causes major damage to buildings or affect building security.

Urgent: The issue does not present an immediate threat to the health and safety of people, or the fabric of the building but could do so if not attended within 24 hours. If not attended to within 24 hours the issue will impact the ability to deliver core services at site and result in a risk to safety of persons or integrity of the sites, plant or equipment.

At this point in time, our helpdesk will not be processing non-urgent issues and we ask that you log these at a later date.

We will continuously monitor this approach and will review when it is safe to resume logging non-urgent jobs. Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

How to report FM issues

To log an urgent job which requires immediate resolution at any time of the day, please call the FM Helpdesk on 0808 196 2045.  

At this point in time, our helpdesk will not be processing non-urgent issues and we ask that you log these at a later date.

What is an urgent vs non-urgent job?

We know it can be confusing to know when to call our FM Helpdesk or to use our online form so we've put together this helpful infographic which gives examples of how to report different sorts of issues impacting your building. It also outlines what the process is once you report an issue to us.

Take a look and feel free to print it off to stick up in your property.

View the infographic

Do you have a patient with coronavirus?

If you have a patient that is being monitored for coronavirus, please notify us immediately by calling 0808 196 2045. This will enable us to take the appropriate action to inform our colleagues on site.

What is CORE?

In order to provide you with a more reliable and efficient facilities management service, as of summer 2019, we log, plan and monitor all the FM activities you receive using one new internal system, CORE. This system allocates the right engineer to your job first time, helps increase building compliance levels, and enables us to provide you with KPIs and SLAs, transforming the level of FM service you receive. Find out more in the customer brochure.