Report a facilities management issue

Our Customer Service Centre offers 24/7, 365 days per year help with all FM services matters. To log an urgent job which requires immediate resolution at any time of the day, please call our CSC on 0808 196 2045. For non-urgent issues use Connect, our online portal.

What is an urgent vs non-urgent job?

We know it can be confusing to know if an issue in your building is urgent or non-urgent so we've put together this helpful infographic to explain the differences. It also outlines what the process is once you report an issue to us.

Take a look and feel free to print it off to stick up in your property.

View the infographic
Infographic explaining how to report urgent and non urgent facilities management issues. Log non urgent FM issues via Connect and call the FM Helpdesk on 0808 196 2045 for urgent issues.

Reporting non-urgent issues

Connect, our online portal

Connect allows customers to log non-urgent FM jobs, queries and complaints quickly and with greater transparency about their status. In a recent survey, users gave it 4/5 stars, citing it easier to log jobs, better updates and being able to see other jobs logged at their site.

Find out more about Connect and create an account.

Log a non-urgent job through Connect

Online form

If you don't have an account, you can fill out our online form to report your non-urgent FM issue. 

Log a non-urgent job on the online form

Reporting emergency and urgent issues

To log an urgent job which requires immediate resolution at any time of the day, please 0808 196 2045.  

Please only report urgent or emergency issues via the phone line, to help keep it free for your colleagues across the country that need issues resolved ASAP in order to continue to care for patients.