Unlock value across your lease portfolio.

When you’re managing complex lease issues, it can sometimes feel like you’re on the back foot with your estate. Over time, these issues can make your lease portfolio inefficient and costly – ultimately making it harder for you to realise your future estate plans.

As your lease advisory partner, we can offer a bird’s eye view across your portfolio. Helping to spot opportunities that best support your estate strategy and drive down your costs.  We’re also able to help with specific needs - whether you’re looking to extend, break or exit a lease, or reduce void space. All while best supporting your long-term interests, and the NHS’.

£1.1m saved for customers by reducing void space


saved for customers by reducing void space

£100m saved for the NHS since 2018


saved for the NHS since 2018

1,850+  customers supported by locally based teams


customers supported by locally based teams

We'll help you to:

  • manage lease liabilities including rent reviews and dilapidations
  • acquire new leases
  • reduce void space and associated costs
  • negotiate exits and break clauses
  • renew or re-gear a lease during its term
  • manage commercial occupations such as retail pharmacies and telecoms. 
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Why us?

Unlocking value

Our inside understanding of the NHS and strong relationships with landlords across England have led to us saving over £100 million for the NHS since the team’s inception in 2018. One break clause we managed for Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust led to them saving £16 million over five years.


Applying best practice to your estate

And because we have both local reach and national scale, we can often take benefits we’ve secured in one region – like rent-free periods, and landlord capital / fit-out contributions – and apply them to your leases, too. 

Let us help you save time and money, and proactively tackle your void space targets together so you can make your plans happen more quickly to improve services for your communities.  

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