Report a change to your occupancy

As a customer of NHS Property Services, we ask that you inform us of any planned changes to the space you use, at least three months in advance, so we can continue to support you with your health and safety compliance responsibilities and make sure that you are billed the correct amount.

With accurate property and occupancy data we can best unlock our property expertise, helping our customers make informed decisions about their estate and get the most from it, enabling excellent patient care.

Let us know when you plan to:

Change how you use your space, or swap space


how you use your space, or swap space

Adjust the amount of space you occupy


the amount of space you occupy

Vacate  your current space


your current space

Get in touch to report your change

If you do not have an existing formal occupancy agreement with us, or if your occupancy has changed, please let us know by filing in the form below, making sure you give us three months’ notice. One of our team will get in touch to discuss your occupancy requirements.

Occupancy Change Notice

About your organisation
Entries will be returned if this has not been confirmed.
Change requested
Reason for change
Please include details of previous discussion held with any NHSPS representative as well as current areas occupied.
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