The Board of Directors

The NHS Property Services Board recognises its responsibility to its Shareholder for the direction, management, performance, and long-term sustainable success of the Company whilst also contributing to the wider community and environment.

The Board is committed to ensuring that high standards of corporate governance are achieved and has set the company purpose for which its strategy seeks to deliver, with vision and values all aligned with its culture. The Board also recognises the importance of, and its responsibility to, all stakeholders with engagement programmes to strengthen both its relationship and understanding to facilitate its decisions.   The Board oversees the company’s systems of internal control, risk management and climate risk. In carrying out the Boards responsibilities the individual Directors comply with their duties under s172 of the Companies Act 2006.

The Board operates within the Articles of Association of NHS Property Services Ltd and the Shareholder Reserved Matters detailed therein.  The Board has delegated a number of its responsibilities to its Board committees.  The Annual Report and Accounts of NHS Property Services Ltd provide further details of the Company’s corporate governance and how the Board has applied the principle and provision of good governance.  The Board formally meet at least six times in a financial year.